The Zilla Panchayat has following Sections to deal with different functions of the Organization

ADMINISTRATION SECTION Deals with administrative matters of ZP,TP,GP and other line departments
DEVELOPMENT SECTION Deals with implementation of various Rural Development Programmes of ZP,TP.GP
ACCOUNTS SECTION Deals with Release of grants to various govt. schemes and responsible for maintaining the accounts of Receipts & Expenditure.
PLANNING SECTION Deals with Planning activities of ZP,TP,GP like Preparation of Draft Annual Plan, Action Plan, Appraisal & Evaluation of schemes etc.
COUNCIL SECTION Deals with the matters related to the elected body of ZP like general body meetings, standing committee meetings, proceedings of the meetings etc.

The Chief Executive Officer is the overall in-charge of the activities of the Zilla Panchayath. He is assisted by senior officers - Deputy Secretary, Chief Accounts Officer, Chief  Planning Officer, Project Director.


Chief Executive Officer Dr. M R  RAVI  KAS
Deputy Secretary Shri. MANESHWAR V. NAYAK(Incharge)
Chief Accounts Officer Shri. K R PRASANNA BHAKTA(Incharge)
Chief Planning Officer Shri. MANESHWAR V. NAYAK
Project Director  Shri.T.S.Lokesh
PAEO Smt. Sandhya.K.S
Assistant Secretary   Shri. Gopalakrishna Bhat.M